How It Work

General info:

Cryptscalper is an investment platform that uses leverage trading algorithms to provide its customers with daily returns.
  • 1. Create your account
  • 2. Deposit your desired amount and choose your desired plan
  • 3. Receive daily payouts
  • 4. Compound your profits or withdraw whenever you want
  • 5. Initial investment returned after expiry.

What is leverage trading?

Leverage trading means that you can take a higher position in the market by using your own money as collateral. Of course the higher the leverage you take the higher the risk your position gets liquidated. So our traders will never use a leverage of more than 5x.To be short with leverage trading your profits can be highly multiplied.

BTC/USD trade example
For example, you want to buy 10 Bitcoins at a price of $10,000. To open such trade with a traditional exchange, you would be required to pay 10 x $10,000 for a position of $ 100,000 (ignoring any commission or other charges). If the bitcoin price goes up by 5%, Your 10 Bitcoins are now worth $ 10,500 each. If you choose to sell, then you’d have made a $5,000 profit from your original $ 100,000 investment.
1:100 leverage example
Here you’d only have to pay 1% of your $ 100,000 Position, or $ 1,000 to open such trade. If the Bitcoin price rises by 5%, You would still make the same profit of $5,000 but at a considerably reduce cost. That means that profits can be hugely multiplied.

What is scalp trading?

While swing traders are normally looking to make bigger profits by holding an asset for a period of time, crypto scalp traders are typically happy coming home with a little bit less. This is because their method of making profits typically involves creating many small trades very quickly. The initial gains for one of these trades may not seem like much, but they all add up. If you’re patient enough to complete a strategy like this, then the gains could be substantial for you when they’re added up at the end of the trading day. The good thing about this strategy though is that small wins are easier to obtain. Cryptocurrency prices are constantly moving and this leaves many great opportunities for scalping.

However, keep in mind that for this strategy you’ll need to be quick and you’ll have to be laser focused. This style of trading isn’t for everyone, but it can be a great way to make a

profit on small price movements.

Because speed is essential in scalping crypto currencies we created our bot that they can respond to buy or sell in the market in only 0.05 seconds. We will take longer positions as well but only when large price movements occur.

How does the reserve fund work?

Our number 1 priority is to build a long lasting project. Our goal is to be able to to sustain our project for many years to come. So how will we be able to maintain our project.

So our reserve funds makes us stand out from the rest. Everyone knows that a lot of investment use the invested funds to pay affiliate commission, use for advertising budget and other causes. But this leaves less money to actually make profits for its customers.

This makes us stand out from the rest. We have the ability to keep at least 50% of our investors money in our reserve funds. By using an average leverage of 3x we still are capable to work with more money than the total invested amount.


100,000$ total investments made in our project.

50,000$ transferred to the reserve funds to maintain the affiliate system, pay bonuses,

organise raffles and cover advertising and site expenses.

So this leaves us 50,000$ of the total invested amount....BUT... now we get to the power of leverage trading. We will be using an average of leverage of 3x. This means for every

1,000$ we can take positions of 3,000$.

So in this way we can take a total of 150,000$ in positions with only the 50,000$ that is remaining.


By doing leverage trading and even when storing 50% of all incoming funds in our reserve vault we still are able to trade with 50% more than the actual incoming investment funds.