About Us

About us

Cryptscalper is the name of our AI trading platform. We are building the most powerful money making machine by combining the 20 year+ experience of our traders with the power of artificial intelligence.

Who we are

Cryptscalper LTD offered its incorporation files this week to the UK company House. We are waiting for our certificate to get delivered.As soon as delivered our Certificate will be published here. Cyptscalper LTD  is specialized in development of AI trading solutions and fund management. After 10+ years developing solutions for private companies we decided to launch our own platform where we will deliver our services to every single person worldwide.

Cryptscalper is made by a team of developers and crypto traders. By combining the skills of the developers and the knowledge of the traders we created several very powerful trading bots. During the first years after we teamed up our main activity was creating trading and algorithmic bots for professional traders and trading companies. But now after 6 years we decided to let everyone take benefits from our tools. Thats why we decided to launch Cryptscalper. We want to give everyone ,no matter how much he can invest, the opportunity to benefit from our bots.

About transparency

Our traders will stay anonymous. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to be transparent. We will post trading results on a very regular basis and we will even organise live trading sessions that will be broadcasted. The reason why we want to stay anonymous is that our traders have been actively trading on leverage trading platforms like BitMex for over 4 years and do not want to drag attention and just keep flying below the radar. No one in the bitmex community need to know which traders and which accounts use our cryptscalper bots.


Our goal is to provide our investors a daily return in the most safe way possible. That is the reason why we opted for leverage trading with a small leverage but still allows us to keep 50% of all deposits in a security vault.


We offer plans starting from 10$ which allows even the smallest investors to join our platform.


5-3-1% referral commission + cash bonuses for top promotors!!!!!!