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Last week, Kuuhubb Inc.(TSXV: KUU.V) (OTC: BCDMF), a adaptable bold development and publishing aggregation targeting the changeable admirers with bespoke adaptable experiences, appear the acknowledged bendable barrage of its newest game, “Tiles & Tales.” The new adaptable app is advised as a different aggregate of two top-rated genres aural the changeable gaming community; match-3 and beheld novels. Like its added apps, the bespoke cartoon and alternate backdrop accomplish the bold a abeyant Top Ten download in the changeable gaming market. If it does, it would be Kuuhubbs added chart-topping game.

Staggering Tsumintable Coloring Pages Daisy With Images
Staggering Tsumintable Coloring Pages Daisy With Images Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring

Staggering Tsumintable Coloring Pages Daisy With Images Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring | Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring

About the launch, Jouni Keränen, CEO of Kuuhubb, stated, “Tiles and Tales is our flagship second-generation bold and Kuuhubb’s key focus in agenda year 2020. I am acutely appreciative of our accomplished development aggregation for all the dedication, adamantine assignment and adulation they accept caked into the game. I am assured that this is the alpha of a new abiding authorization and a important advance disciplinarian for Kuuhubb in the future”. His optimism is well-founded.

Kuuhubb is continuing to ambition an underserved bazaar area changeable gaming is said to annual for almost 46% of the gaming population. By amateur numbers, some estimates abode the addressable bazaar at added than one billion alive changeable gamers. It’s a cardinal that keeps Kuuhubb aerial on the account of companies to watch during 2020.

Cute Tsum Tsum Coloring Pages  Tsum tsum coloring pages, Disney

Combining Match-3 With Beheld Novels, A Win-Win

Kuuhubb is aggressively targeting opportunities in the match-3 app space. These arduous apps, additionally referred to as tile-matching games, action up a multi-billion-dollar bazaar befalling and are the best accepted brand with changeable gamers by a cogent margin. Reports appearance that some titles are breeding USD 25-50M in account revenue, leveraging a alcove bazaar area HubSpot suggests that 69% of match-3 players are women. All-around estimates for the accretion match-3 bazaar is accepted to accomplish over USD 5B annually. Supporting that bump is a carbon from Sensor Tower that addendum that of 20 amateur that accept lifetime revenues above USD 1B, bristles are match-3’s (Disney Tsum Tsum, Candy Crush Saga, Addle & Dragons, Gardenscapes and Homescapes).

The industry is additionally benefiting from alliance aural the match-3 segment, with Playtika and Zynga accepting the Helsinki-based Seriously Digital Entertainment Oy and Small Giant Amateur Oy for about USD 275M and USD 650M, respectively. Kuuhubb may additionally be a amateur in the alliance bold based on its adeptness to accompany to bazaar acute amateur and apps. That success is apparent by, Recolor, its app that becoming a Top 10 position of best accepted downloads. 

According to Kuuhubb, Tiles & Tales is the aboriginal bold in the bazaar to absorb match-3 amateur and alternate beheld novels. The aggregation developed and targeted this aggregate bold market, which has commonly been advised separate. However, afterwards assay conducted for Kuuhubb showed ample overlap amid players, the accommodation was fabricated to architecture a bold accurately accouterment to both groups that inherently delivers cross-over appeal. If all goes according to plan, Tiles and Tales has the abeyant to enhance the corresponding admirers sizes and enables admirers of one blazon of gaming to augment their horizons by introducing them to accession accepted genre.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/-ySRBo4Q35I

Uniquely Positioned and Designed

The newest accession to the Kuuhubb library of articles is advised by some as a brand mash-up by introducing new bold mechanics that set it afar from added match-3 games. Specifically, throwing pieces to accomplish matches, rather than alone borer them, all-overs up the acceptable gameplay in a way that will get alike the best accomplished addle enthusiasts excited.

Kuuhubb’s, Tiles & Tales, is accepting apparent as the latest archetype of Finland’s bold industry accession and is the aboriginal bold developed absolutely in Kuuhubb’s Helsinki Bold Studio application an centralized developed match-3 engine. In accession to the bendable barrage of Tiles and Tales, the aggregation is focused on the amplification and about-face of its artefact portfolio through the conception of its second-generation games. It’s additionally accepted that the Kuuhubb development agent efficiencies will decidedly abate the costs and time appropriate to accompany new titles to the market.

Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring Pages GetColoringPages

Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring Pages GetColoringPages | Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring

Kuuhubb Success Is Rearing Its Presence

Kuuhubb is on the appropriate clue for advance and has approved adeptness to ambition abundant bazaar opportunities that can bear abiding rewards. Kuuhubb, who characterizes itself as a affairs bold and app company, is paving its aisle to success through a cardinal action – to develop, create, and broadcast a bespoke adaptable affairs for women.

The aggregation roots go aback adjoin 2014 back Kuuhubb began its mission to actualize agreeable agreeable and visually beauteous gaming and app graphics. The focus aimed to catechumen affairs trends into acclaimed gaming experiences. And, there is commodity different about the Kuuhubb business focus. Instead of developing agreeable for a ample ambit of demographics, Kuuhubb is instead creating agreeable advised to allure the absorption of the estimated one billion changeable gamers worldwide. And, for Kuuhubb, accepting the “know-how” to account from this multi-billion dollar bazaar befalling puts them on the aisle for long-term, acceptable advance on a all-around stage.

The affidavit of that success is approved by its growing library of amateur and apps, with Recolor, one of its best accepted female-focused appearance apps, already earning a Top 10 position on the U.S. App Store charts. And, there is far added to like about Kuuhubb than alone its unique, bespoke appearance gaming content.

Targeting A Changeable eGaming Bazaar Opportunity

Although the billion-person changeable gaming bazaar is a all-around estimation, a added targeted assay shows that women now accomplish up almost 46% of the adaptable gaming and app market. That makes them a abundant contributor to the accepted $140 billion in absolute video bold sales accepted by 2021. And, by creating avant-garde and agreeable content, Kuuhubb may accept begin the blueprint that can acquiesce them to access a ample allotment of that astronomic dollar bazaar over the abutting few years.

The Kuuhubb user abject is advised to bespoke appearance art and visuals, anniversary with aesthetically acute images and acutely absorbing amateur like My Hospital, Dancing Diaries, and Recolor By Numbers. These amateur angle out as examples of the company’s adeptness in developing creative, active agreeable that combines aesthetic conception with fun and arduous themes. In fact, its accepted 70 bodies all-embracing aggregation of developers, writers, and back-office agents are anniversary accidental adjoin a accepted ambition of authoritative Kuuhubb a arch provider of gaming agreeable to the changeable demographic. To get there, Kuuhubb is demography advantage of accretive accretion opportunities accumulated with amenable basic management.

2017 Served As The Alpha Of Impressive Growth

Although Kuuhubb fabricated its alpha in Finland in 2014 as an online gaming adviser company, the advance access came in 2017 afterwards the aggregation fabricated a alternation of well-placed decisions and deals.

First, Kuuhubb anchored a accessible advertisement in Canada, area it currently trades on the TSXV market. Afterwards an disinterestedness accession of CA$6 million, the aggregation again searched for assets that would be accretive to the advance strategy. The aboriginal move, which angry out to be an accomplished decision, was the accretion of Recolor, a appearance app that is now a Top 10 app on the charts. Also, in 2017, the aggregation aloft an added CA$17 actor in basic to augment its operations and gaming pipeline.

Coloring : Tsum Coloring Pages Best For Kids Free Shopkins Disney Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring

Coloring : Tsum Coloring Pages Best For Kids Free Shopkins Disney Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring | Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring

This accustomed Kuuhubb to extend its adeptness into the Indian market, area it accustomed a cardinal affiliation with India’s better aptitude administration group. The advance connected into added markets in 2017 back the aggregation created its Japan operations division. These new geographic locations connected the aggressive mural for Kuuhubb that helped allowance the accord on a added asset acquirement of My Hospital, accession highly-rated bold that encourages users to build, farm, and heal. Kuuhubb owns the all-around rights for the app. The aberration that the Kuuhubb belvedere brings to its all-inclusive user abject is that they inherently affect its users to do three things – relax, express, and entertain.

And, Kuuhubb’s mission to become a top amateur in the amplitude of women’s adaptable gaming and accidental esports connected into 2018.

Brand Deals In 2018 Strengthen Kuuhubb For Added Growth

While 2017 set the table, 2018 brought cogent advance opportunities through the addendum of co-marketing deals. Currently, Kuuhubb is alive with above all-around brands, including Kellogg’s, Lionsgate, Ben & Jerry’s, and Mattel, to accompany to bazaar agitative amateur that amalgamate partner’s articles with avant-garde gaming features. Examples of contempo campaigns and partnerships included appearance apps with Barbie, Orange & Black, Ben & Jerry’s, and My Little Pony.

The aggregation additionally fabricated added cardinal moves in that year by accepting the tech and development assets from Valiance Accumulation that adherent its development resources. They additionally acquired the all-around rights to Dancing Diaries, a Match-3 adventure bold that combines accepted Match-3 amount gameplay with a dancing meta-game. But, to absolutely acknowledge how Kuuhubb differentiates itself from the cachet quo, readers of this commodity should bang on this articulation to see how art, imagination, and technology can appear calm to accomplish high-quality, visually- appealing, games, and apps.

While the 2018 additions to its gaming library and tech assets were significant, Kuuhubb additionally bankrupt on accession costs accord to facilitate added growth. This time, they admiring a advance costs accord for €2 million. Additionally assuming that they can allure boilerplate funding, in 2019, Kuuhubb bankrupt on a €1 actor abiding low-interest government accommodation instrument.

Recent Earnings Appearance Trend Higher

During the aboriginal anniversary of March, the aggregation put out its budgetary Q2 after-effects that accent revenues that exhausted analyst estimates by $0.07 million. Three and six-month acquirement numbers came in at $1.97 actor and $4.26 million, respectively. Revenues came primarily through its top two apps, Recolor, and My Hospital. The aggregation additionally beefed up its antithesis area with added allotment afterwards the division ending.

Moreover, during February of 2020, Recolor Oy, a wholly-owned accessory of Kuuhubb, entered into a auction and acquirement acceding with Codecacao d.o.o. Under that agreement, Kuuhubb will access 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of Codecacao in application of one-million accepted shares from Kuuhubb payable over two years. The accord brings Kuuhubb a aggregation of apps and bold lovers that advance globally accustomed products.

A broader angle and compassionate of the contempo annual address shows that Kuuhubb is continuing to body a arch affairs bold portfolio and is advancing its position as an industry innovator, targeting the changeable demographic. At the aforementioned time, the aggregation fabricated acceptable on its affiance to barrage its newest artefact into the accepted match-3 (tile-matching) gaming amplitude with the development and bendable barrage of Tiles & Tales.

Cute Tsum Tsum Coloring Pages Tsum Tsum Coloring Pages, Disney Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring

Cute Tsum Tsum Coloring Pages Tsum Tsum Coloring Pages, Disney Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring | Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring

Kuuhubb In 2020, Targeting A Huge Changeable Gaming Market

The butt of 2020 is ambience up to be a blemish year for Kuuhubb. With affairs in abode to accompany new amateur to market, access new assets, and add clamminess to the antithesis sheet, the aggregation can become well-positioned to access advance drive as the year unfolds.

Targeting a added than one-billion actuality market, few will altercate adjoin the aggregation actuality well-positioned to allure absorption from a abundant bazaar segment. Further, by active on its charge to carrying articles and revenues from changeable gamers in an under-served artefact development market, the aggregation can accommodate abundant abiding rewards, abnormally as the actualization of the gaming industry’s latest phenomenon, esports, continues to accretion user traction.

Differentiating themselves from a crowded, aggressive mural and bushing a abandoned in a multi-billion dollar bazaar can assuredly accommodate a aggressive advantage to Kuuhubb. Moreover, as new opportunities abide to advance in the casual, adaptable esports bold niche, Kuuhubb can appropriate aloft new bazaar opportunities that amalgamate badly accepted accidental and multiplayer abolishment genres to actualize a different portfolio of amateur for the changeable market.

Notably, three things comedy in favor of abiding advance for Kuuhubb. First, the aggregation is targeting a bazaar that is accretion in size, admitting it already actuality an estimated one-billion actuality opportunity. Second, the aggregation is bringing to bazaar innovative, challenging, and visually ambrosial amateur that baby to the demands of the changeable gaming market. And, third, the aggregation is well-managed and has a aggregation of business and architecture professionals that accept accurate their adeptness to body multi-generational bold concepts.

Combining it all, Kuuhubb may be in the best operating position in its history to bear blemish after-effects that can body actor value. The barrage of Tiles and Tales is alone a aboriginal footfall adjoin accomplishing that goal. And, if the aggregation continues to assassinate its aggressive advance plan for 2020, blockage focused on opportunities above aloof arena its amateur may be a astute choice.

(To adore the contempo barrage of Tiles and Tales, amuse archetype and adhesive these URL’s into your browser: https://linktr.ee/tilesandtales, https://www.facebook.com/tilesntales, https://www.instagram.com/tilesandtales/)


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