Our Features

We want to stand out from the rest and we will provide features that never have been seen. Our biggest strength will be the sharing of all our trading results and live sessions with Q&A.


All our trading results will be published. Live trading sessions will be broadcasted. Live Q&A with our traders during sessions.

Reserve vault:

Due to our leveraged trading we can store 50% of all deposits in our vault which guarantees the health of our platform.

Daily returns:

Investors will receive payouts daily straight into their members dashboard.

24/7 support:

Our team will be available through tickets and an entire team is composed for our telegram support group.


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About us

Cryptscalper is the name of our AI trading platform. We are building the most powerful money making machine by combining the 20 year+ experience of our traders with the power of artificial intelligence.

Who we are

Cryptscalper has officially registered as a UK limited company. As soon as our certificate is delivered we will publish this on our website. Cryptscalper LTD  is specialized in development of AI trading solutions and fund management. After 10+ years developing solutions for private companies we decided to launch our own platform where we will deliver our services to every single person worldwide.

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Our goal is to provide our investors a daily return in the most safe way possible. That is the reason why we opted for leverage trading with a small leverage but still allows us to keep 50% of all deposits in a security vault.


We offer plans starting from 10$ which allows even the smallest investors to join our platform.


5-3-1% referral commission + cash bonuses for top promotors!!!!!!

Our Plans

We offer investment plans from only 10$. We want to offer this opportunity to large but also smaller investors. Not everyone has the same to spend.

Starter (principal returned)

  • $10.00 - $99.00
  • $10.00
  • $99.00
  • 1% Daily for 90 Days
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Investor (principal returned)

  • $100.00 - $249.00
  • $100.00
  • $249.00
  • 1.5% Daily for 75 Days
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Trader (principal returned)

  • $250.00 - $2499.00
  • $250.00
  • $2499.00
  • 2% Daily for 60 Days
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Pro trader (principal returned)

  • $2500.00 - $100000.00
  • $2500.00
  • $100000.00
  • 2.5% Daily for 45 Days
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In order for you to generate income, these are some of the services we have integrated in our system for you to earn or reach your audience easily.


Last Transactions

Here you can track and see all deposits and withdrawals made from our platform. We aim to provide steady daily returns for years to come.

Name Date Amount
fuchsi100 22 Jul 2020 05:31 PM $2500.00
lenso 29 Jun 2020 04:16 PM $60.00
Name Date Amount
MartinKrpan 28 Sep 2019 08:17 PM $10.5
Yaguar 29 Sep 2019 10:06 PM $3.03
Mackey 19 Oct 2019 11:44 PM $20.73
sanzeprofit 12 Oct 2019 08:56 PM $146.33
cryptotraveler 20 Oct 2019 12:36 AM $24.3


Step 1: send a pm to @trade4profit1983 on telegram with your username, wallet addres and currency

Step 2: process your withdrawal to our perfectmoney exchange account that you will receive

Step 3: after receiving the money in our perfectmoney exchange account we convert to your desired currency

Step 4: Crypto is send to your personal wallet

Step 1: send a pm to @trade4profit1983 on telegram with your username, wallet addres and currency

Step 2: process your withdrawal to our perfectmoney exchange account that you will receive

Step 3: after receiving the money in our perfectmoney exchange account we convert to your desired currency

Step 4: Crypto is send to your personal wallet

step 1: Send a PM on telegram to @trade4profit1983

step 2: you receive payment details

step 3: make payment and send payment proof

step4: after confirmation your account is credited and you can purchase your investment plan by using your wallet balance

We are working on several options.

Firstly we are working on our own twitch channel where we will do live trading sessions. In meantime members can chat with the traders.

Secondly we also use zoom webinars for exclusive sessions for larger investors.

And for those who aren't able to join live sessions, we will record our sessions and upload them on our youtube channel .

 There is a public telegram group where you can post your questions or you can send a support ticket. Depending on your invested amount there also is a possibility to get contact details of a personal account manager.

  No, we process withdrawals 1 or 2 times a day. this depends on where all funds are located. For example if we need to withdraw from Bitmex we can only do 1 withdraw daily. Bitmex only processes withdrawals once a day. But by keeping a reserve funds we will be able to cover this payouts until money is withdrawn from exchanges. So we will process payouts manually twice a day. Probably payouts will be executed between 10-12AM CET and between 6-8PM CET

Yes it is. Our reserve fund will cover all costs like referral commissions, bonuses , project expenses and cover possible loosing trades. In this way unlike other trading platforms we can offer a nice daily return and run our business for as long as we want.

By trading with leverage we are able to build a reserve fund with 50% of the deposited money and still give us the opportunity to use 50% more capital to take positions.

We accept perfectmoney which works automatically through your member dashboard.

We also accept BTC, ETH and LTC. After some struggles with coinpayments and scammer trying to abuse the system. So we decided to process crypto deposits manually.

Yes. We will organise weekly raffles for active investors. During this raffles active investors can win bonus investment packages or cash prizes. Beside the raffles we also reward top promotors that help us to build out our brand. We will screen our promotors on a weekly basis and reward top promotors with extra cash bonuses when several milestones get reached.

Yes There is a 5-3-1% commission paid on 3 levels of referrals

 Yes we will be very transparent. We will post weekly trading results that can be verified. We will post weekly updates of our reserve vault. We will organise weekly webinars where you can see our traders live in action + you can ask anything in the chat during the webinar. The only thing we keep secret is the identity of our traders and the accounts where our bots are installed. We closed deals with successful traders on bitmex, deribit and binance and we do not want to drag attention to them. A good trader can't get disturbed all the time

Yes we are legit. We are officially registered. We have officially KYC verified trading accounts on several platforms and we are licensed in the UK.

Our certificate will be published within next days

Yes Cryptscalper is officially registered as a UK company. We are waiting for our official certificate to arrive in our mail box and then it will be uploaded on the site.

Our Testimonials

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